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Dan Margulis' Picture Postcard Workflow

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Dan Margulis

Bestselling author, Photoshop Hall of Fame member, internationally aknowledged as the Color Correction and Pre-Press expert, worldwide teacher with his Applied Color Theory Classes, Dan Margulis' professional career spans more than three decades.

The Workflow

In his latest book "Modern Photoshop Color Workflow" Dan summarizes his experience presenting the "Picture Postcard Workflow", aka PPW: a disciplined, speedy, highly automated way of image enhancement.

The PPW Panel

Made by Giuliana Abbiati, the PPW Panel is a free collection of all the advanced, automated tools described in Dan Margulis' Workflow, boosted by scripted customizations. It also provides you with self-contained documentation and a special Color Guide.

Before After

PPW Screenshots


PPW Website

PPW Book website

Modern Photoshop Color Workflow companion website, with hours of Videotraning, Dan's blog and free resources.

PPW Video on Kelby One

Videotraining (Kelby)

Three paid PPW video series recorded by Dan for Kelby One (and other Color Correction videos too).

PPW Italian videotraining

Videotraining (Italian)

PPW video series recorded in Italian language by Dan and produced by Alessandro Bernardi.


 (5/5 based on 2 reviews on Adobe Add-ons)
    • PPW: a gem (v4.0.5)
    • Jan 16, 2015 by Gerald Bakker (5/5)
    • The PPW panel is a must for anyone serious about color and contrast enhancing. Highlights are an amazing action called MMM and sophisticated sharpening. Delivered with extensive documentation.
    • Invaluable Add-on (v4.0.5)
    • Dec 20, 2014 by Davide Barranca (5/5)
    • Great to have Dan Margulis' PPW Panel linked to my CC/Add-ons, thank you for making this amazing tool available for free! Other users' note: pretty big file ~180MB so allow some time for installation.