Floating Adjustments

Adjustment Layers as Floating Dialogs

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Big Dialogs

Adjustment Layers rely on the Properties Panel - don't you better like bigger, modal dialogs too?
They where the norm back in Photoshop CS3.

Create, Modify

You're able to either Create new, and Modify existing, Adjustment Layers as large floating windows - all kind: Curves, Hue/Saturation, Brightness/Contrast, etc.


Create new Adjustment Layer

Create New

Open the Floating Adjustment panel (it's handy to clip it below the Photoshop's own Adjustment panel). Each time you create a new Adjustment Layer, it will pop up as a big, floating dialog. Close the panel to restore the original behavior.

Modify existing Adjustment Layer

Modify Existing

Select an Adjustment Layer in the Layers palette, then click the Floating Adjustments panel's "Modify" button. The big modal dialog will pop up for you to edit it. Click OK in the dialog itself when you're done editing.
By Davide Barranca

Floating Adjustments (2.1.2)


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    • YESSSSSSSSSSS (v2.2.0)
    • 29 Jun 2014 by andreia patricia (5/5)
    • All i can say is THANK YOU. I never understood why ADOBE removed this on CS3 if iĀ“not mistaken. But they just remove this command a around CS2 or 3. I have to do it by a Script a found on the web.
    • Wonderful (v2.1.2)
    • 17 Mar 2014 by Anonymous (5/5)
    • Many thanks for improvement.
    • A Must Have (v2.1.2)
    • 02 Nov 2013 by Sigrid (5/5)
    • and delighted to find it. Thank you !
    • Useful extension! (v2.1.0)
    • 24 Apr 2013 by Mario (5/5)
    • Really nice. I only love big and classic adjustment windows in Photoshop. But with adjustment layers, the panels are small! This extension is the simple and great solution to this problem.
    • Best of both worlds! (v2.1.0)
    • 27 Mar 2013 by Anonymous (5/5)
    • Finally I can use modern Photoshop with the "classic" panel style! Many many thanks, I know it seems something little, but old Photoshop users like me are happier this way!
    • Great stuff for CS6 (v2.1.0)
    • 21 Feb 2013 by Marco M (5/5)
    • One thing I don't like about Photoshop CS6 is that compared to previous version the curve panel is smaller. This free extension permits to have a bigger panel, providing more accuracy while working.
    • (v2.0.0)
    • by Anonymous (2/5)