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Theme Switcher on Adobe Exchange 23 April 2013

Theme SwitcherTheme Switcher is a free extension with a minimal interface that lets you cycle through the Photoshop themes (Original, LightGray, MediumGray, DarkGray) with one click. Version 1.0.0 is available now on Adobe Exchange.

Double USM (Windows) 20 March 2013

Double USMI’m happy to announce that Double USM 1.0.1 has added the Windows support - so PC users can finally enjoy this sharpening script!

The product on Exchange is called “Double USM (Windows)”: it’s identical to the Mac version but for the fact that...

Double USM update 1.0.1 12 March 2013

Double USMI’ve just released an update for Double USM, which now reaches version 1.0.1. Release notes as follows:

NEW: Double USM remembers last used parameters.
CHANGE: Replaced the Fit-on-Screen button with 100% Zoom.
FIX: Selecting a layer which has a mask now...

Note for Exchange customers in 2012 07 February 2013

Adobe ExchangeIf you have bought ALCE from Exchange in the year 2012 (or before late January 2013) and you can prove it, please contact us. We’ve moved the product from an Exchange Producer Account to a different one (from RBG to...

Double USM lands on Adobe Exchange 29 January 2013

Double USM on ExchangeDouble USM is the new CS Extensions‘ brand new product for Photoshop CS6 coded by Davide Barranca! It’s a sharpening script targeted to photographers, retouchers and pre-press operators, that lets you control UnSharp Mask filter’s Light and Dark Halos separately (both Amount and Radius)....