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New Adobe Add-ons website 23 May 2014

Adobe Add-onsAdobe Add-ons is replacing the Exchange Panel as the new, improved Creative Cloud Extensions official store.

  • Entirely web based and responsive
  • Buy and install products from any device (mobile included)
  • Bypass Adobe Extension Manager altogether!
  • Synchronize purchases and...

Website redesign and new products! 04 April 2014

Jekyll RedesignAs you have hopefully noticed, I’ve rebuilt the cs-extensions website from the ground up - it’s now way faster, lighter and nicer too. I’ve kissed bye bye Wordpress with no regrets: the whole thing is now static, handcrafted with Bootstrap and based...

Workaround for ALCE issues on Mavericks 30 January 2014

ALCESome users have reported anomalies with Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer (ALCE) on OSX/Mavericks - a darker border appearing randomly on two sides of the picture.
Waiting for a fix, you can work around this problem unchecking the Turbo option.

PS Projects for Photoshop CC/CS6 04 October 2013

PSProjectsI’m happy to announce the release of PS Projects 1.0, my latest script for Photoshop CC/CS6 (Mac + PC) – that implements Projects: lightweight, encrypted files that reference sets of images that you might want to group and open all...

CS6 issues - New installers sent for approval 02 October 2013

Code CertificatesDue to Code Signing Certificate expiration (a file that I’ve bought and attests that I am who I am, for 365 days – and it’s needed to pack product installers) Extensions and Script for download on Adobe Exchange may give installation / use problems...