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Fixel EdgeHancer Basics 001 30 September 2017

Fixel EdgeHnacer Basics

In this post we’ll learn on the ideas behind Fixel EdgeHancer and what makes it different than other sharpening concepts.

Classic Sharpening

Well, the wisest thing would be to send you reading

Fixel Detailizer 2.5 by FloMC 09 March 2017

Fixel Detailizer Presentation

Reposted with permission from here

Discover Fixel Detailizer 2.0

Fixel Algorithms develops a good deal of Photoshop plugins. In the following weeks, I am deep diving into some of them, starting with the extremely useful and powerful Fixel Detailizer.


Fixel Detailizer 2.5 PS 18 July 2016

Fixel Detailizer 2

Fixel Detailizer 2.5 PS

We released Fixel Detailizer 2.5 PS and it is a great opportunity to tell its story.

Why Was It Created?

Well, our team is based on people who like Photography and happen to be...

News and new CC domain 09 July 2016

2016 newsHi! So long, no see :-) I’ve not updated the website in a while, even if I’ve kept working on it and my products. In the meantime I’ve also published a book on HTML Panels development! As you’ve noticed I’ve moved to a...

Introducing Fixel Algorithms 25 July 2014

Fixel AlgorithmsI’m proud to announce a partnership with Fixel Algorithms, a company specialized in the development of Image Processing algorithms. They have been producing plugins for After Effects (video), and we’ve joined our forces to bring them as Plugins, Scripts and Panels in Photoshop.