How to Buy

Here on CC-Extensions, or Adobe Add-ons

The suggested way to acquire our products is buying them directly on CC-Extensions.
As independent, third party developers it's great to be featured on Adobe's marketplace and have exposure, but the truth is that if you buy here:

  • The entire product price (payment processing fees exluded) goes to the developers, who will you and will be even more committed to building new features and stuff.
  • You create a link with us: e.g. we can directly inform you when updates or fixes are available.
  • The payment is processed by the same company (Fastspring) with the same security features and options than Adobe's.
  • Manual installation with the assets we provide is usually bullet-proof, compared to Adobe Add-ons.

To buy from ours site, click on the red button that you'll find on each product page, like:


Adobe Add-ons
Adobe Exchange Logo

Optionally, you can find and buy our products on Adobe Add-ons, the official App-Store for Creative Cloud Extensions. Same price, same license.

  • Web-based interface (requires the Creative Cloud app).
  • Browse hundreds of Free and Paid Products.
  • Synchronize purchases automatically with your CC account.
Adobe Exchange
Adobe Exchange Logo

Want the Adobe option but still using CS6?
Download the free Adobe Exchange panel, the app-store version for CS6 products.

  • Adobe Exchange is a panel itself within Photoshop
  • Find and buy there Free and Paid Products.
  • Manage your Downloads.