Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer

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ALCE is a Photoshop Extension performing a routine that boosts the image's Local Contrast, adding shape and a distinct 3D look, that might even remind HDR tone mapping.

Easy Interface

No need to tweak multiple options! ALCE's one and only parameter is the Radius: the smaller, the "more Local" is the contrast boost - the higher, the closer to Global is the adjustment.

Shadow Highlights

ALCE's algorithm, while boosting contrast, protects from clipping (i.e. the loss of detail) important and delicate tonal range areas such as the Shadows and the Highlights.

Batch Utility

You can record ALCE in Actions as a Filter, or use the provided "ALCE Automation Service" batch dialog to customize Saving options (file type, compression, etc), suffix, source and output folders.

Before After

ALCE Interface Screenshot


Interactive User Manual

Interactive User Manual

From theory to practice, with real world jobs by ALCE author Davide Barranca. Each technique comes with interactive images, comparing mainstream and creative approaches to Local Contrast filtering.

Vimeo HD Screencasts

Vimeo HD Screencasts

About 2 hours of actual case studies in two series: for beginners and advanced users. Learn Local Contrast theory and how to apply it effectively from a professional Photoshop retoucher.

ALCE Equirectangular

ALCE for 360 VR

In order to apply ALCE to Equirectangular images and use them for 360 VR (i.e. seamlessly stitched in both vertical and horizontal axis) follow this tutorial!

Coming Soon



 (5/5 based on 3 reviews on Adobe Exchange)
    • A real must-have (v2.2.0)
    • 17 Jan 2014 by Alexander (5/5)
    • ALCE ist the best plug-in I've ever discovered and Davide & Roberto are showing their potential with it. It's equivalent to salt & pepper on your dining table.
    • * A W E S O M E * (v2.2.0)
    • 30 Nov 2013 by Andrea (5/5)
    • Best extension ever for sharpening EVER. Amazing 3D effects, no noise, no halos. My favourite extension.
    • Never more without (v2.1.2)
    • 12 Feb 2013 by Anonymous (5/5)
    • Incredible 3d effects, useful in many occasions when photos are flattened or when lacking that little bit extra.